Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Past, Present, Future

The future does not yet exist, therefore it does not exist.

The past no longer exists, therefore it does not exist.

The present is an infinitely small instant that is ever-changing, passing from moment to moment, therefore it does not exist in any manner which can be statically defined and described.

So the passage of time is meaningless, and only our perception of the immediate instant is useful, but as soon as we perceive it, it is gone.


  1. Time is relative. It only exist in the sense that humans need some form of linearity.

  2. String theory, look it up. Anyway, I don't agree with what you say. But each to their own.

  3. so the only thing that exist is the now and what is here with us but what is not here with us does not exist? i like this

  4. to early in the morn to be playing with our heads but great post