Thursday, March 3, 2011


My Perception of Life

 It's all one.
This world is a dream, an illusion. It was built for
us, so that we (eternal souls) could grow. So that we
could learn what we are not (list all sins/vices/whatever).
There is no evil, just souls that are either too young to
see the truth, and those who chose to play the role of
what we see as "the bad guy". We're bound in this circle
of life until we see, nay, become the truth we know.
We're not alone here, even though it might appear so.
The only reason you might not be able to see, is because
you have your eyes closed.

The funny thing about this dream is that you can't skip
stages. If someone tries to tell you something you're not
ready for (including what I'm saying now), you'll deny it,
or you'll be unable to grasp it. You have to experience it
in your own life in order to see it. Even though this will
sound unfair and elitistic, you can tell the difference
between the young and the old souls. It is the young souls
that will fight this very concept I've explained to their
last breath, and that is okay. We're all headed the same